Arai RX-7 motorcycle helmets

The Arai brand is well known in the motorcycle industry. Specialized in comfortable and soundproof helmets, these little jewels also give a great feeling of security to motorcyclists.

Considered as references, these rather expensive helmets have been the subject of significant improvements compared to the previous version. The shape has been redesigned with a new resin shell, the interior is depth-adjustable, the chin strap has been lengthened to avoid the sensation of being suffocated, but there is also a screen fixing system and aerodynamic appendages.

Staggered plates

Arai’s engineers decided to shift the screen fasteners down to leave the helmet area as smooth and solid as possible. Indeed, during a fall, the helmet is supposed to slip without hanging anything, especially on the upper sides.

The new fastening system available for Arai headphones, called VAS (Variable Axis System), is quite complex and requires a staggered kinematics when opening and closing the screen.

Comfort and silence

Arai RX7 headphones are equipped with eco-pure foams that offer a great feeling of comfort. Easily dismantled, the interior can be carefully adjusted in depth using 4 millimetre straps.

To limit noise, a spoiler easily removable into 2 clips has been fixed under the front of the helmet.

Thanks to the large Pinlock, moisture does not penetrate the helmet. The vents are effective thanks to large sliders on the upper front part. The front low aerator is removable and replaceable thanks to the presence of a small screw.


The aerodynamic appendages at the rear of the helmet have been extended and realigned from the previous version, which means that reduces both noise, but also increases the stability of the headset.

The most spectacular aspect is the comparison between the weight of the helmet alone and the sensation perceived when it is on your head. An impression of lightness emerges, which significantly reduces cervical fatigue, especially on long journeys.

Presentation of some models

The Arai RX-7V Isla de Man TT model with its fun and multicolored look features a new resin to improve each fiber layer, providing a very strong and resistant outer shell.

This helmet incorporates the locking system of the Formula 1 helmet, which increases protection levels. In addition, this system works in a simple, fluid and intuitive way, even with gloves on. In addition, this system allows a lower and more compact ride, which reduces the size of the biker’s mechanisms. This improves the performance of the helmet and increases protection.

The Arai RX-7V Honda HRC model in the colours of the French flag benefits from new aerodynamic properties, which increase air flow.

The inner pads are made of new, thinner materials, which improves the biker’s comfort.

The new resin at its disposal reduces the weight of the helmet by 30 grams, which is not to be underestimated. In addition, this headset features a new pure-eco coating, an even thinner frame, larger upper ventilation channels and a better diffuser.