Choose a child jet helmet

Children who ride motocross, for example, or who are passengers on their parents’ motorcycle or scooter, must obviously wear a helmet for their safety. It is important and even essential to respect some instructions when choosing a helmet for children.

Safety and security

Of course, safety is THE important criterion when it comes to children. As for adults, helmets for children must comply with the European standard. There is a label inside the helmet that indicates this certification.

Secondly, we must talk about the weight of the helmet. You must be very careful about the weight of the helmet, because it is the children’s neck muscles that will support this weight. Let us not forget that a child’s head is heavier than the body, compared to an adult and the cervical vertebrae remain fragile. It is therefore necessary to avoid overloading the head and for this reason, the helmet should not weigh more than 1/25 of the child’s weight.

For example, for a child who weighs 20 kg, the helmet must weigh a maximum of 800 g; for a child who weighs 30 kg, the helmet will weigh a maximum of 1200 kg.

The jet helmet

Of the 3 categories of helmets, namely full-face, cross and jet helmets, the latter is the most affordable in every respect.

But like the other 2 categories, it has advantages and disadvantages. On the benefits side, it is lightweight and offers very affordable prices. In addition, it allows the user to breathe well, thus avoiding the feeling of claustrophobia that often bothers children.

On the downside, it only partially protects children’s faces, since it does not have a chin strap.

Selection of models

The BHR sky blue model is perfect for boys, but you will find other colours, some of which match girls perfectly. He This is an approved helmet with a visor. Its screen is scratch-resistant and the inside of the helmet is removable and washable and the fabric is anti-allergic.

Shiro’s helmet features an AIR FLOW aerodynamic design. Its cap has been tested and shows excellent results in terms of impact absorption. The inside of the helmet allows the child to breathe well and be comfortable. In addition, the fabric is anti-allergic. As for the micrometric loop, it allows an optimal adjustment.

The Qtech helmet is available in many colours and is suitable for children from 3 to 14 years old, with several sizes available. Made of polycarbonate, it is suitable for many activities: off-road, quad, moto-cross, BMX, etc. It has a seatbelt type safety clip and the helmet is padded at cheek level, but these pads are removable. The visor is adjustable.

Soxon’s model, with a slightly retro look, is available in several sizes and colors. Its interior is washable and padded parts can be added or removed as desired. Weighing only 750 g, it is ideal for children.

The Nox model features a headset with a micrometric loop. The inner fabric is anti-allergic and antibacterial. This helmet comes with a sheet of stickers, which will suit both boys and girls, so that they can customize it according to their desires.

For girls, here is a pink helmet from BHL, approved, including the visor is scratch-resistant. The inside of the helmet is removable and washable and has 3 air intakes. To personalize it a little more, these ladies will be able to decorate their helmets with 66 stickers included with the helmet.