Choose a modular bluetooth motorcycle headset

You want to buy a Bluetooth modular motorcycle helmet, but don’t know how to do it among all the available models?

The Bluetooth system allows motorcyclists to communicate with each other, receive incoming calls or listen to the radio or music directly on their mobile phone.

First of all, there are a few very important criteria to consider.

Some important criteria

The weight of a motorcycle helmet is an important criterion, which varies according to the materials used. Modular helmets are generally heavier than full-face helmets because they have more parts and are equipped with a sun visor, which gives an average weight between 1600 and 1800 g.

Weight plays an important role, because it is not very pleasant to have a heavy weight on your head when you drive. And the weight is even more noticeable at high speeds, because a heavy helmet will move more.

We can also mention the ventilation of the helmet. Each manufacturer develops air and ventilation intakes, in order to evacuate the fog and not die of heat in the summer. But here again, there is a disadvantage: the more ventilation systems a helmet has, the louder it is, especially as soon as the speed increases.

Some modular bluetooth models

The VCAN model of the V271 BLINC brand is equipped with a foldable and scratch-resistant visor. This helmet is equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology that allows motorcyclists to communicate easily while having their hands on the handlebars. The headset is connected to the mobile phone to make calls or to listen to music.

The system is fully integrated into the headset consists of a microphone noise reducer, dual stereo speakers with rechargeable lithium battery and an LED display that provides a visual display for easy and safe to use.

The Viper Rsv-131 model is equipped with 2 high quality HD speakers and a Bluetooth 3.0 system that is fast, reliable, safe and secure with a control button on the side. It can be used up to a range of 500 m.

Its high-end noise reduction system focuses solely on the biker’s voice. The visor is guaranteed scratch-resistant.

The Delta Solid model from Origine helmets has a folding headset with integrated Bluetooth. The outer cap is made of thermoplastic resin, the visor is solar and it has a thermoplatic restraint system.

The VCAN V271 model has a retractable smoked sun visor. The visor is scratch-resistant, the helmet is comfortably lined and there is a removable rear ventilation outlet. The biker’s cheeks are protected by pads and the mention also has a ventilation system.

The Bluetooth system has a microphone with noise reduction that connects to all mobile phones with more than 8 hours of autonomy. The battery is long-lasting, rechargeable and water-resistant. The volume is adjusted by a multifunction control knob. In addition, this helmet has a thermal balaclava balaclava 100% cotton.