Choose a Shark modular motorcycle helmet

In order to choose a motorcycle helmet properly, it is first necessary to take into account some very important criteria. It should be noted that there are 3 different types of helmets, namely the jet type, the integral type and the modular type.

How to make your choice?

Jet-type helmets are more reserved for scooters and mopeds. As for the other 2 types, they are therefore devoted to motorcycles.

Modular helmets have a very practical side and it is not uncommon to see police and other gendarmes wearing them. But they also have a disadvantage compared to full-face helmets: they are less resistant in the event of a frontal impact.

When you want to buy a motorcycle helmet, you obviously think about the price. Depending on the materials used, both inside and outside the helmet, for example fibre, Kevlar, polycarbonate, but also according to the colours, the price of the helmet will vary.

It is not to be believed that a cheaper helmet will protect its user less, it is a question of materials as already mentioned and market trends. What we need to ensure is that helmets meet European safety standards.

How to choose your helmet?

Nowadays, buying a motorcycle helmet necessarily means buying an approved helmet. This can be seen by the label sewn inside the helmet. We will therefore find the letter F for France and the acronym NP for modular helmets.

As for the other criteria, it is advisable to buy a new helmet, as a second-hand helmet may have been the victim of falls and it is also strongly advised not to lend your helmet, as the inner foams form at the head of your user as you go along and if you lend it, the foams may be deformed. After any fall, the helmet should be changed, as well as in the case of a scratched visor, which reduces visual acuity.

To choose the right helmet size, make sure it fits everywhere, even on the cheeks. Taking a helmet that is too big is not a good idea, because even if you feel more comfortable there, after a few dozen kilometres, the inner foams will settle and the helmet will eventually move, which is not at all safe. On the other hand, choosing a helmet that is too small will be uncomfortable at all times.

For those who wear glasses, it is advisable to try the helmet with the glasses and make sure that it is possible to ride with them.

Some Shark modular models

The Shark Evoline Series 3 Fusion Mat KMA model, in matt black is made of polycarbonate and has integrated sunglasses. The size is adjusted by a micrometric loop.

It also has a scratch-resistant screen and an anti-fog screen. Moreover, the screen can be removed and the foams are washable. This helmet is suitable for both men and women.

The Evoline Series 3 Mezcal Chrome KUO model is made of polycarbonate and has an anti-fog and scratch-resistant screen. Sunglasses are integrated and the inner foams are washable.

The Vision-R Series 2 Cartney KAU is made of a fiberglass material. It has an anti-fog and scratch-resistant screen and a micrometric tightening loop.