Choosing a Bluetooth Scooter Helmet

If you ride a scooter and want to receive calls on your mobile phone or listen to music while keeping both hands securely attached to your scooter, you’ll need to choose a Bluetooth headset.

The Bluetooth kit is installed directly inside the helmet, but as there are many models, here are already some criteria to take into account, followed by the presentation of some models.


Important criteria

Depending on the models, some important criteria will differ. For example, the range of the unit will change, as will the ability to detach the headphones and connect your own, and the water and dust impermeability of the kit.

The models also vary in autonomy, compatibility with several types of telephone, size, ease of installation, sound quality and aesthetics. And all these criteria will ultimately vary in price.


Some interesting models

The Viper model is equipped with a Bluetooth Plus system and 2 high definition speakers. The visor is scratch-resistant and there is an aerodynamic ventilation system.

The Bluetooth battery is long lasting and easily rechargeable. This headset can be connected to any compatible phone or MP3 player. The communication range is up to 1000 meters.


If you already have a helmet that you are fully satisfied with, you can choose a Bluetooth kit to install directly into your helmet.


The Sena SMH-5 FM kit has a range up to 700 meters and allows you to communicate with 4 people. It features the latest Buletooth 3.0 technology and its headphones are wireless.

The knob is easy to handle especially with gloved hands. The integrated audio amplifier achieves an optimal sound level and offers a very good balance between bass and treble.

This kit is water resistant for use in bad weather and has up to 7 hours talk time. Discreet and all in roundness, this kit shines by its originality. It is not bulky and will not distort the look of your helmet.

To install, simply remove the inner foams, then replace them. To turn up the sound, simply turn the volume knob that easily falls under your fingers. To answer a call, the yellow button that stands out well behind the module is impossible to miss. You enter the menu by pressing the volume control, navigate by turning, validate by pressing again: nothing simpler!


This Cellular Line Intercom F3MC allows communication between the pilot and his passenger. The talk time lasts up to 12 hours and your device will charge in just 3 hours.

Two thin speakers characterize this intercom that will suit even the tightest headphones. You can listen to music and share it with your passenger and it’s waterproof.

This intercom may be a little cumbersome, as it protrudes significantly on the side of the helmet and its support protrudes under the helmet. Its installation is easy and the wires are long enough to easily choose the route you want them to take depending on the helmet. The ultra-fine earphones slide easily.

Answering the phone is easy thanks to the big central button. On the other hand, when it comes to raising or lowering the volume, you need to have thin fingers. As for the sound quality, it is really optimal.