How to customize your motorcycle helmet?

The helmet is certainly an essential safety equipment, but it is also an accessory that displays several features of its wearer. Several customization options are available on the market. Here are some ideas to customize your motorcycle helmet.

The action camera for motorcycle helmets

There is nothing more pleasant for a motorcyclist than to film the moments of pleasure on board his motorcycle. There are many motorcycle helmet tuning solutions available, but the action camera with integrated microphone remains a very popular option. Easy to install, waterproof, and lightweight, this small device can film, record, and take pictures.

Most commercially available action cameras, such as the FuriAuto Sports Camera, offer HD resolution and an ultra-wide field lens for better image quality. In addition to recording unpublished scenes with friends, this solution is sometimes very practical in the event of accidents, for example.

Face shield and visor motorcycle helmet shield

An original helmet is judged by the appearance of its visor. Motorcycle accessory stores offer a wide range of visors adapted to each brand: smoked visor, Iridium or in different colours. For open-faced helmets, it is possible to mount a universal shield, see the example below, which is easy to mount on all Jets helmets.

It is also possible to make the tint of the visor itself for more customization, for this purpose a few tens of euros are enough to buy all the necessary equipment. For greater efficiency and optimal vision when driving, other innovative solutions are available on the market, such as the motorcycle helmet wiper. This accessory is integrated into the helmet with a broom that scraps water off the visor. Both practical and aesthetic, here is how it works, click here.

Motorcycle helmet decoration

Many motorcyclists opt for a decoration that is easy to put on and take off in order to have more choice of customization patterns and to be able to change them frequently. Decorating the motorcycle helmet with stickers (stickers) is the easiest and most affordable way to differentiate yourself from other motorcyclists.

With a budget of 5 to 20 € the motorcyclist can have stickers with the patterns of his choice, such as this kit of 10 reflective star stickers.

Suitable for all types of helmets, easy to stick and remove, the stickers can be used to decorate the shell and chin strap.

Bluetooth hands-free kit with intercom for motorcycle helmets

The Bluetooth kit is a very convenient way to have a customizable headset. It offers the possibility of automatically receiving telephone calls as well as listening to favourite music and songs. In addition, it is a good way to comply with increasingly stringent regulations regarding the use of wire earpieces.

Some manufacturers, such as the Motorcycle Intercom brand, offer kits with intercom technology that are very useful for communicating between two motorcyclists on the road. These kits can be integrated into the helmet, are waterproof, and are compatible with all devices with Bluetooth function such as smartphones, tablets, GPS, walkmans… etc..

Motorcycle helmet painting

A custom motorcycle helmet paint is the ideal way to stand out 100% from other motorcyclists and display your own character. Two options are possible in this respect, painting your own motorcycle helmet or entrusting the work to a professional.

A self-made painting is more economical, while the work of an expert painter will inspire new ideas, and will allow you to have a professional painting quality and more attractive designs. An airbrush helmet paint will certainly have a pleasant effect on the appearance of this equipment and will guarantee a perfect customization.

The light kit for motorcycle helmets

In fashion for a few years, the light kit is an option for customizing motorcycle helmets that is both aesthetic and safe. Indeed, this accessory makes it possible to embellish the outer face of the helmet while ensuring good visibility on the road, especially at night. Several kits are available in different colours in specialised motorcycle accessory stores.

The operating principle is simple: a retro-reflective light tube, LED or Neon, is fixed around the helmet according to the desired design while a box ensures the power supply and operation of the system. Very cheap and easy to use, this customization kit for motorcycle helmets costs between 50 and 70 €. Here is an example of a light kit mounted on a helmet, click here.

Practical advice

  • Before starting to customize the motorcycle helmet, you should ask the dealer if this is not inconsistent with the warranty contract.
  • On the Internet it is possible to find several shops that offer customization kits with very reasonable prices.
  • If you opt for a light kit, you must remember to protect the paint on the helmet when gluing the light tube.