Which brand of motorcycle helmet to choose?

Every motorcyclist knows that wearing a helmet is essential to ensure road safety. In fact, this safety must be doubly ensured by the helmet. On the one hand, it must perfectly protect the skull from falls and accidents. On the other hand, it must ensure the necessary comfort, and in no way hinder the motorcyclist during driving. Hence the importance of choosing a helmet from a brand recognized for its high quality and innovation in the field of safety devices and comfort. Which helmet brand to choose then? Let’s see 5 of the best brands that make motorcycle helmets.


Shoei is a pioneering brand that manufactures high-end motorcycle helmets exclusively in Japan. Very popular in the world of two-wheelers, this brand is known for its innovation in the sector. It was the first to introduce carbon fibre into the manufacture of hulls, back in 1976!

Shoei offers comfortable and secure helmets, and enjoys good customer loyalty. Also appreciated by high-level pilots, the Japanese brand is very specialized in the manufacture of full competition helmets such as the X-Spirit III.

Other models are also very popular for their performance, such as the “NRX“, the very high-end “RF-1200” or the professional cross country helmet “VFX-W“.

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HJC is a leading brand in the United States, as well as in several European countries. It is appreciated for the performance of the headsets it markets at competitive prices and the good quality of its after-sales service. This Korean brand has a large research and development centre, it always innovates new products and focuses on safety above all.

This is why the helmets it manufactures often obtain the highest scores in the various crash tests. In addition, the brand’s catalogue includes sizes up to 5XL, with several design options and colours. Among the very successful models of this brand are the “HJC IS-17” and the “HJC FG-St“.


The French brand created in 1986 has been very successful among motorcyclists, especially in France, where it is the market leader in motorcycle helmets. Its major features, an ultra sporty design, high reliability, and optimal safety.

Moreover, the helmets produced by the Marseille company often obtain 4 and 5 stars (out of 5) in the various tests carried out by the British organisation “. SHARP “A performance that often exceeds current certification standards. Among the best Shark helmets are “Race R Pro“, “Evoline 3 “, and “RSX “. It should be noted that these 3 models all obtained 5 stars in the crash tests carried out by SHARP.

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Nolan is an Italian brand that produces high quality helmets for motorcycles and scooters. The brand is also highly appreciated for the level of safety of its equipment, which allows it to comply with American DOT standards. The results of the SHARP tests also show that the brand still scores 4 and 5 stars in the tests performed on the various helmets.

The design is typically Italian and all Nolan helmets are sold with a 5-year warranty. Nolan is also well known in the sporting world and sponsors many professional drivers. The “N104” modular helmet is one of the best in its category, it contains several innovations such as the Air Booster ventilation system.

The high-end, double-shell “N87” headset is also optimized by air conditioning comfort technologies and the N-com communication system.