Which motorcycle helmet for 200 euros of budget?

Finding a well-equipped helmet with less than 200 euros is possible. Follow our comparison of motorcycle helmets.

Which full-face helmet for 200 euros?

The full-face helmet is the most optimal choice when looking for the best level of protection. We have selected for you 3 helmets with a good price/quality ratio.


It is a great helmet that focuses on the safety and protection of the rider above all. The “HJC IS-17” has passed all the safety tests of the English organization SHARP and has obtained 5 stars out of 5 (see results). It is made of polycarbonates, which gives it a remarkable lightness for a full face helmet (it weighs only 1300 g). It is also equipped with a “One touch” sun visor with 3 adjustment modes and an “ACS” ventilation system with air extractor. The visor is easily removable without tools, it is also prepared for Pinlock screen mounting. Well suited for eyeglass wearers, the HJC IS-17 is equipped with a large eyeglass cut-out.

Nolan N86

The “Nolan N86” is a very practical and protective helmet. With several features, these headphones are standard with Pinlock display and VPS system, which is very rare in this mid-range segment. The aerodynamic shell is made of polycarbonates, which gives a total weight of 1500 g. The ventilation system consists of 3 air inlets and a rear mounted extractor. In addition, the chinstrap is equipped with a “Microlock” system to prevent accidental openings.


The “AGV K3 SV” helmet is made of high-strength thermoplastic resin, which gives it a reasonable weight of 1450g. It is equipped with an integrated UV sun visor, and an anti-scratch and anti-fog visor with easy opening system “XQRS”. The antibacterial inner linings are completely removable and washable. The ventilation system with multipoint “CFD” technology ensures the extraction of heat and humidity. This headset is also equipped with a retention system with micrometric closure, and predisposed for Bluetooth installation.

Which Jet helmet for 200 euros?

The Jet, synonymous with freedom and comfort, is very practical for city trips. Here is our selection for cheap and well equipped Jet headsets.

Bell Custom 500

This helmet is a reissue of the 1st Jet helmet manufactured by the American brand Bell, it was already in 1954! Ideal for motorcyclists who appreciate the vintage look, the “Bell Custom 500” is manufactured using highly developed technological processes. The cap is made of glass fibre using the “Twin Shell System” process, which gives it a remarkable lightness with a weight of 1200 g. The interior with VPS system is an assortment of leather and fabric with an Italian style finish. In terms of safety, this helmet complies with all American DOT and European ECE 22-05 standards.

Caberg Freeride

The “Caberg Freeride” helmet is made of composite materials: glass fibres, Kevlar, and carbon fibres. It is In fact, it is one of the lightest helmets in its category with a weight that barely exceeds 800 g! The inner anti-perspirant linings are completely removable and washable. It is equipped with a micrometric closing system and a scratch-resistant visor. The Italian brand also offers a longer visor suitable for driving in heavy rain.

First JT3 U8

With the “Dynamic” ventilation system containing 2 air intakes and a rear extractor, the “Premier JT3 U8” is a very well ventilated helmet. The inner linings are removable and washable. Relatively lightweight with a weight of 1200 g, this helmet is made from composite materials. It protects well from wind and weather thanks to its wide and easily removable scratch-resistant visor.

Which modular headset for 200 euros?

The modular helmet is a good choice for motorcyclists who are looking for both the comfort of the jet and the safety of the integral. However, the law requires that the chin strap of the adjustable helmet must not be lifted except when stationary. To be able to drive in the Jet position with the chin strap up, the law requires that the helmet has both Jet and full (P/J) approval. This is the only condition for mixed use on the road. Here is our selection for modular helmets with double P/J approval:

Airoh Wrinkles rd14

“Rides” is a new series designed by the Italian brand Airoh. The “Rides rd14” is a very cheap helmet made of thermoplastic. It is doubly approved and bears the P/J mark required to drive with the helmet in the Jet position. The anti visor The scratches are predisposed for mounting a Pinlock screen and offer a wide field of view. The helmet weighs 1450 g and is available in sizes from XS to XXL.

Shark Openline

The French brand Shark was one of the first to obtain P/J approval, particularly with the “Evoline 3” helmet. The “Openline” headset is part of the same design line that aims to offer effective and suitable products for all budgets. The Openline is made of thermoplastic resin injected under pressure, which gives it more strength. The inner linings are completely removable and washable. This helmet also features a micrometric closure system and another rear retention system for added safety. The Openline weighs 1750g and is characterised by a good weight distribution.

Givi X.08

The “Givi X.08” is suitable for both short city trips and long trips. This helmet is manufactured by the Italian brand Givi, founded by former champion Giuseppe Visenzi in 1978, and is equipped with a ventilation system containing a nose guard, front air intakes and a rear air extractor. The inner linings are made of hypoallergenic fabrics and are completely removable and washable. The colourless visor is predisposed for mounting a Pinlock screen. The Givi X.08 weighs 1750g and is available in several sizes from XXS to XXL.

Practical advice

  • Always check the P/J label on the inner linings before purchasing a modular helmet.
  • Preferably, opt for a helmet with removable and machine washable inner linings.
  • Check the performance of the ventilation system before purchasing a full face helmet.