Which motorcycle helmet for Harley-Davidson?

Harley-Davidson is a motorcycle brand with a long history in the United States and in many countries around the world. It is a brand known for its robustness and technical performance. Motorcyclists who prefer Harley-Davidson motorcycles also appreciate the sense of freedom and escape during long journeys on their own or in tour groups. Motorcycles mean road safety. The choice of a good helmet is essential to ensure both safety and comfort on board this great road.

Jet Headset for Harley-Davidson

The Jet helmet is ideal for long journeys. It is lightweight, practical, and offers a wide field of vision. That’s why it’s so popular with Harley-Davidson motorcyclists. The American company offers a very wide range of Jet helmets, so the rider has several models to choose from.

The “Switch” headset

This Harley-Davidson Biker helmet consists of 2 caps made of thermoplastic resin with removable inner foams. The helmet is available in matte black, and has a colourless scratch-resistant visor, and an integrated sun visor. EPS technology provides better shock absorption. However, the “switch” is relatively heavy for its category with a weight of 1300 g.

The “Burnout” helmet

Manufactured by the Korean brand “HJC” for Harley-Davidson, this Harley-Davidson Jet is equipped with an aeration system, and offers a wide choice of sizes (from XS to 2XL). The inner foams are not removable, which is a disadvantage for this model.

The “Jet II” helmet

Also manufactured by “HJC” and in fiberglass, the Jet II is equipped with ultra-light interior linings. The visor is protected against UV rays. The helmet weighs 1270 grams and is available in matt black and chrome. Available sizes range from XS to 2XL.

The “Roadway” helmet

Available only in matte black with 2 orange stripes, this original Harley-Davidson helmet is relatively lighter than the others, and weighs 1150 grams. It has removable inner liners, and a visor tilted backwards.

Modular headset for Harley-Davidson

The modular system combines the advantages of the Jet and the integral. As a result, it is practical and adapts well to all driving conditions. However, its major disadvantage is the overweight resulting from the addition of the removable chin strap mechanism.


This helmet is made of thermoplastic resin and has removable and washable inner liners. This helmet is very similar to the “Evoline 3” of “Shark”. It also has a quick-opening chin strap, with an “auto-up” system that releases the visor and chin strap simultaneously for easy insertion.


Made of carbon fiber, this Harley-Davidson modular helmet complies with all applicable certification standards (dual Jet and full certification, American DOT and European ECE 22-05 standards). It also features all the features of the FXRG range and a soundproofing system.

Full face helmet for Harley Davidson

Certainly, the full-face helmet is the best choice in in road safety. However, motorcyclists riding Harley-Davidsons often make long trips, and the full-face helmet may not be the best choice in these cases. In addition to the feeling of being locked up, the Harley-Davidson full-face helmet is relatively heavier than the jet, for example. This will make it difficult for the rider to support the weight of the helmet during continuous driving hours. However, the American company offers two optimized models of full-face helmets.

The “Panoramic Vision FXRG” headset

manufactured by the Italian brand “AGV”, this helmet is distinguished by a good level of protection and a relatively light weight thanks in particular to the use of glass fibres for the manufacture of the hull. This helmet has obtained 4 out of 5 stars after various tests carried out by the English organization SHARP (see the test results).

The “Fulton” helmet

The “Fulton” is made of polycarbonates by the brand “BELL”. It is equipped with a ventilation mechanism that efficiently releases heat and humidity, and a comfortable interior padding. The visor is anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-UV. The inner linings are removable and washable. Relatively light in its category with a weight of 1530 grams, however it is only available in matt black.

Practical advice

  • Remember to replace your motorcycle helmet at the most after 5 years of use (3 years if intensive use).
  • Immediately change the helmet after a shock or fall.
  • Clean the helmet regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions.