Which motorcycle helmet to choose when wearing glasses?

Which motorcycle helmet for spectacle wearers? This is an issue that interests many motorcyclists. On the one hand, glasses are essential to ensure good visual acuity while driving. On the other hand, wearing a helmet is also essential and mandatory. What should we do then? Simply choose a helmet that allows you to wear glasses! Overview of the most practical solutions.

Integral helmet for spectacle wearers

The full-face helmet is distinguished by its total head coverage, and its relatively high level of protection compared to other types. The full-face helmet certainly has many advantages, however it has as a major disadvantage the difficulty of wearing it comfortably with glasses. Some manufacturers such as Shark offer models specially designed to overcome this disadvantage.

Thus, all Shark helmets with Easy Fit system are well suited for spectacle wearers. Among these models, the Shark Vision-R is very comfortable and offers a wider field of vision than most other full-face helmets. It is also equipped with a quick disassembly system and Bluetooth pre-installation.

Jet helmet for spectacle wearers

Wearing glasses with a Jet helmet is much easier than with a full face helmet. It is an open helmet that is easy to put on and fits very well for eyeglass wearers. However, it is advisable to try the chosen helmet by wearing glasses in order to be sure of its compatibility. The HJC FG-JET ACADIA MC4 is a mixed jet made of glass fibre. It is very practical for a motorcyclist who wears glasses.

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And if you like the “vintage look”, then the Nolan N21 Visor Asso is your ideal helmet. Equipped with a VPS “Vision Protection System” and a “Microlock” attachment system, this Jet from the Italian brand displays a wide variety of graphics and colour combinations.

Modular helmet for spectacle wearers

The modular helmet is a combination of jet and integral. For a spectacle wearer, all conditions of use must be provided. If the Jet position is more comfortable for wearing glasses, you should also try the helmet in full mode to make sure it is compatible. Among the many choices of helmets well suited for wearing glasses, Shoei NEOTEC is a top-of-the-range helmet equipped with a very practical system of notches to accommodate the arms of the glasses.

The Shark Evoline 3 modular with integrated sunglasses, and eyeglass housing is also very well suited for motorcyclists who wear glasses.

Adapt the glasses to the helmet purchased

If you are loyal to a specific brand and it does not offer helmets suitable for eyeglass wearers, then rest assured, there is still another option. In fact, you can buy your favorite helmet, and then take it to the optician to get you the right glasses. In this case, opt for glasses with straight temples and try several models by wearing the helmet until you find the right shape. It would therefore be more convenient to have a pair of glasses to wear especially with the helmet.

EYEFUL glasses will do very well in this case, for example. Its href=”https://eyeful.fr/”target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>100% French motorcycle glasses are not only equipped with lenses suitable for all types of myopes, farsightedness, bigleux, astigmatism (…), but also their double frame in Grilamid TR90 is equipped with incredible properties that allow them to resist any torsion and to be permanently ventilated. Made of the same material, their removable handles also offer perfect strength. Super flexible, you can replace them (the branches) if necessary with a headband for more comfort when driving.

The lenses will be fairly easy to install on the frame of your EYEFUL glasses. These are declined in particular under a note of elegance and intelligence that any good biker will appreciate at its true value. And for those who want to optimize the use of their glasses, these lenses will go very well with a colored polycarbonate lens placed on top. To this end, three colour options will be available: yellow/orange for miles in fog and other bad weather, black/green/brown for protection against UV sunlight and a more funky style, and white screens that beyond their very aesthetic appearance, also provide excellent protection against light on the road…

Practical advice

  • Regardless of the type or brand of helmet, it is strongly recommended to try it on with glasses. It must be worn and removed without any difficulty.
  • Make sure that the helmet contains notches to accommodate the eyeglass arms (eyeglass grooves).
  • Driving with sunglasses with protection rating 4 is prohibited by law. It would be more convenient to mount a tinted visor.